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Free Rishta/Matrimonial Portal in Pakistan

Rishta in Pakistan

Rishtaweb is an online free matrimonial, marriage or rishta portal/website that facilitate people to find out their sole mates within Pakistan and across the world. In this modern era, the technology has connected the whole world and gathered all the communities/societies on the internet that hosts websites, mobile apps and other platforms. So keeping in the mind, we thought to help out the people to find rishta online while sitting at home. Our major focus is online rishta that should not involve any third party.
Our mission is to make the life of people easier and easier and we aim to reduce the culture of rishta maasi, marriage bureaus, which cost a lot of money, take much time to research, then select or reject the rishta and people now days don’t have much time to wait for such type of things. There are a lot of marriage bureaus in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad people usually visit them, provide their details and the details for the desired partner. This process usually takes more than two weeks and after even that, they can’t guarantee the exact thing you need/want.

How to Use

If you are also looking for online rishta that should take you to a marriage, then rishtaweb is a right place. Here you can find a lot of profiles, from different countries, religions, clans and professions. Rishtweb is a place where you can register, find your soul mates free of cost with wasting no time. There are almost all categories, you can filter results according to your need, send message directly to them and discuss for further details.
There are a bundles of other matrimonial/rishta website in Pakistan that provides their services to search in Pakistan or across the world. These are also good but most of them offers paid services. So the thing is that, most of the people in Pakistan can’t afford that amount for just searching purposes of rishta. So initially, we are providing all the services free of cost. You don’t have to pay for anything like registration, searching and even send messages to desired person.

How rishtaweb works

That’s pretty easy. If you are new on the site then there is no need to register yourself for searching bride/groom profiles. You can simply search by ID or you can also do advanced search. Advanced search is an absolute solution to filter out results that you needs. For example, if you want to find rishta in Lahore, Karachi or find rishta in Pakistan, then select your desired country, province, district and your city/hometown. All the rishta profiles belongs to Lahore, Karachi and from all over Pakistan will be filtered out for you. Rishtaweb advanced search include almost all options/categories that could help out you to find the exact match according to your personality.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is too important for us, we take care for privacy of each individual. So we don’t show the contact information to anyone. You can hide your profile on rishtaweb portal. If your profile is hidden, no one can visit your profile or send messages to you but you will be able to visit the site, view profiles of other peoples and send message to them and your message will be conveyed when your profile will be active. Once you have registered on rishtaweb, to use our services for nikah, rishta or marriage/matrimonial purposes, we may contact you to verify your account and to get other detail information to make stronger your profile and we will match that information with that you provided on our rishta/matrimonial website.
We may send you email, message or directly call to you for any verification purposes.
Initially, there are no third party will be involved in the whole process like to contact with bride then groom and vice versa. Each candidate will need you search, and contact with other candidate. If something happen wrong with any party, then rishtaweb is not responsible for any damage or loss. All is up to the candidate himself/herself.
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