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Here are all categories, you can find rishta in your clan, caste, country, city and desired profession. There are many options to find out rishta on RISHTAWEB, you can search a profile using profile ID or there are a lot of custom search options and usign these options, you can filter out profiles. If you want to do custom advanced search, then visit advanced rishta search and filter out results according to your need.
Below are the option that you can directly select and filter out the results. On this page, we tried to display all the possibel rishta categories based on different criteria. Here we showed less number of links of a specific category, If you want to view all links of a single category then you can click the View All button.
If you filterd out desired profiles and want to connect with people, then simply login to connect. If you are new to RISHTAWEB, then we will strongly suggest to create account so that you can send free messages.

How to use Matrimonial, Shaadi, Rishta Portal

It's pretty simple. Just Create your account, search profiels by ID, or use advanced search options using. Advanced Search options are below the all categories optios. Just scroll down to the end of the page and select single or multiple option below and hit search button. All the filtered results will be shown to you.

How to cotact with people

User Contact information will not shown to any individual. Just select profile that you want to connect with. Visit profile and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on send message send, type your message and hit send. Your message will be sent and other person will be notified through the email he/she provided. One will will see you message, there will be two green tick shown to you.

Is it free to send messages?

Yes, You can send free messages to desired person.
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